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Recommended by Obstetric Physiotherapists as a solution to a better night sleep for pregnant women.

Hooglii is tried, tested and developed by pregnant women   they all recommend hooglii. Click on testimonials for their stories...

Aids turning and moving during pregnancy

hooglii slide sheet is simple and convenient, helping you turn and move

in a number of different ways, allowing you to

get comfortable with less effort.


"I have just woken up all rested after my first night using the hooglii! I am 25 weeks pregnant have had SPD for the past 5 weeks and nothing has helped so far. Except this! ... Quite simply it fully supports you and glides your body whichever way you want to turn. It's a quality product which is comfy, breathable and such a pretty pattern. I am more than likely having a 3rd c section and will be using the hooglii for another few months for that too. Am absolutely delighted with this product.
Seana Doherty, kirkintilloch
Received 1st May 2013
Hello I can honestly say this product is fabulous ! Money well spent ! I usually have to wake up to turn over as its such a palava since I fell pregnant and hurts like hell with my spd, didnt wake up at all whilst turning....happy me, huge thank you ! Laura from Essex

 Received 29th April 2013

The sliding effect of the inner lining allows you to easily turn from one side to the other, friction free . The outer cotton cover provides comfort, breathability and a touch of luxury.

It is important to feel supported during pregnancy, as the bump grows it will become harder to get comfortable in bed and have a good nights sleep. The body is going through growth and major transformation. Each time you turn over in bed the increased weight of your body and the turning movement create friction between your body and the bed. This friction makes turning a struggle and is the leading cause of restlessness whilst sleeping for pregnant women. The specially formulated materials in hooglii reduce friction and make turning in bed easy.